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Wie unsere Interior Brand Within Mood entstanden ist


Home can mean so many things. The very big things, for example: the country of origin, the city or village where you were born, the four walls where you spent most of your life, where you grew up. The four walls where you can call other people your family. A place with which one feels rooted, where one feels rooted.

But home can also mean the very small things: the coffee cup that saves you every morning. The glass you love to toast your loved ones with to celebrate small successes. Or the curtain that you draw to shut out the world for a while and be completely with yourself.

For us, home means all of that together. "Us" - Leonie Deventer (27) and Louisa Beyer (34), or simply Leo and Lou. Friends and founders in a double pack (and not only because our names sound perfect together), one rational, the other creative. We are united and complemented by our opposites.

Sense for beauty, ambition, the love for self-employment...
and the Corona pandemic

Originally, we both come from completely different career corners: While Leonie studied business administration and economics, I, Louisa, come from a design background and have always longed to fulfill the dream that every:r designer:in pursues: to bring their own designs to life. While as @somegoodspirits I've already been using social media as an outlet to give something of myself to the outside world for a few years now, at the same time the desire to do more than that grew. And because "home" in the Corona pandemic, in which we were and are now, again gained huge importance, at some point the idea of my own Interior Brand was born - admittedly with the one or other ass-kicking of my friends: "Your ideas are so good! You can't just think, you have to do!" was the announcement of my school friend Fabian.

A few vision boards, brainstorming sessions, mind maps and first attempts at a business plan later, it was quite clear: I needed a sparring partner! And then Leonie came into the picture - Fabian's sister. As someone who grew up with self-employed parents and brothers, who was also pursuing this very goal herself, and who, with her expertise in business and economics, had already successfully accompanied several start-ups from the ground up, it quickly became clear: It's a freaking match! Fast forward to January 2021: We are at the notary and register Within Mood as a limited liability company. The beginning of our little love story, the birth of our own business baby.

Within Mood - timeless home designs, minimalist aesthetics, smart production

In a world that spins faster than you might sometimes like, and an everyday life that is far too hectic all too often, we want to bring a little bit of permanence and longevity into your home with Within Mood. With a strong focus on quality, modern minimalist design and timelessness, we are happy to become part of the place you choose as home with our smartly produced products. And to make it your own little museum: the museum of you.

"Home is based on your true story.

It's a reflection of the private you.

Hopefully a safe place and a good base."

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